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  Once your organization has the right people in the right positions, it has the team it needs to meet and maintain its competitive advantage! When working with companies and organizations, CCI considers:

A program that identifies leaders and provides information on their individual goals, motivations, effective work styles, needs and behavior under stress.
Profile Analysis: Developing a useful profile for employee and management positions, which is tested and modified based on performance measurements.

Culture Shaping, Mergers & Acquisitions Integration: As your organization changes, how, as its leader, do you reshape it to continue carrying out its mission, whether that mission has changed or not? CCI will work with you to help define the organization’s culture, determine how the people within that culture might react to change, and thus how best to implement that change.
Succession Planning: Identification of your organization’s potential leaders, their required training and developmental needs.

Career Progression: Identifying abilities and training to assist employees in gaining skills for advancement within your organization.



CCIGROWTH MANAGEMENT—working the plan:

Strategic Planning and Organizational Design: Finding the best strategy and organizational design to guide and maintain success is a key role for the leadership of organizations. CCI maintains currency with the latest knowledge about organizations. We apply it to your situation with a pragmatic approach, aimed at realizing your competitive advantage and meeting your organization’s business goals.
Core Competency Identification: Helping the organization’s leaders to identify the organization’s core capabilities and the key positions needed to drive and support its business strategy.



CCIHIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM DEVELOPMENT—working    effectively together:
Selecting and strengthening your teams' abilities to work together effectively by understanding the value of individual styles, needs and stress behaviors. Utilizing proven benchmarks for highly successful, productive teams as a path to higher productivity.

Hiring Right: We will help you “hire right the first time!” Consider your chance for success if you are able to hire the best candidate for an executive position by knowing ahead of time their proven potential for success in the position, and in your organizational culture? Imagine the impact the following information could make on obtaining the results your managers, teams and organization seek:
• Dealing with one-on-one relationships
• Sociability issues
• Planning and organizing style
• Dealing with authority, conflict and leadership styles
• Teamwork and individual competitiveness
• Level of physical and mental activity
• Managing or maintaining self-confidence
• Emotional style
• Comfort level in dealing with change, variety and disruptions
• Independence and freedom orientation
• Decision-making style

Profiling: Data is collected to determine the best and most successful managers within the unique culture of your organization. Key candidates are screened according to this information, resulting in selection of the candidates with the highest probability of success. Criteria used for this screening include: candidate/employee assessment and positioning; motivation; positive working relationships and performance accountability.



CCICUSTOMER / CLIENT RELATIONS—working effectively with    your customers:
Customer Satisfaction, Selling to Hidden Needs: A process to help you understand what your customers’ behavioral needs are, in order to best meet their expectations.

Listening Skills: Developing a clear understanding of effectiveness and communication skills based on evaluating each individual’s perceptual filters.

Cross Company Team Development (Customers, Vendors, Unions): Assisting your company and its vendors/customers to achieve the goals of your organization.

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