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  In every organization, happy, fulfilled and productive employees—each an individual—are the key ingredient to success. To develop in these employees a personal sense of contributing to the team and the organization, of being understood and appreciated, and of knowing that they have the opportunity to do what they do best, every day, is the goal of CCI’s Individual Services.

Colorow Consulting, Inc.
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT—realizing your potential
Executive coaching & mentoring: Strong leadership with diversity is the ultimate objective of progressive organizations. CCI has pioneered a leadership development process which identifies and develops leaders for your organization by providing information on their individual goals, motivations, effective styles, needs, stress behaviors, and the areas in which there can be significant differences between team members. An in-depth, personalized program helps executives and managers work productively with supervisors and direct reports to improve team and organizational effectiveness.
Listening and communication skill development: Developing a clear understanding of effectiveness and communication skills, based on evaluating each individual’s perceptual filters.
Managing conflict resolution in the workplace: A process of working with individuals and/or groups to reduce conflict, build confidence, and bring the parties together to understand each other and work better together.
Career mobility: Advancement within the organization—the desired outcome of a career mobility system is to help employees move internally within the organization, create awareness and cooperation between business units, reduce staffing and training costs, and manage attrition.



Colorow Consulting, Inc.PERSONAL GROWTH AND ACCEPTANCE—maximizing
   your strengths

Understanding who you are and what you need: A career assessment program that enables key employees to realize their own skills, interests, values and behavioral traits.
Developing a personal action plan: CCI assists individuals in the creation of personal and professional developmental plans—each defines what success means to them, and strategizes for the future by setting goals and objectives, measurements, timelines, and personal accountability.



Colorow Consulting, Inc.IMPROVING PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS—increasing your understanding
Understanding your boss, your peers and your family members: With the intent to improve leadership skills, enhance employee performance, increase work effectiveness, and add to the quality of work life for both the executive, her family, and her organization.
Developing win/win relationships: A process designed to work with individuals and groups—at work, at home or both—by providing a process for introspection and understanding as a basis for understanding others, and reducing behavioral misperceptions.

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