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  Colorow Consulting, Inc. provides management consulting and organizational services. We work by partnering with organizations, individuals and families to achieve effective business and personal results.
Colorow Consulting is a service disabled veteran-owned corporation with offices in Golden, Colorado.
The principal has over 30 years of business experience.


CCI started out as an outplacement firm. We skillfully assisted many diverse organizations in transition to return to productivity. As we gained more experience and insight about the factors contributing to major downsizings, we learned why people left organizations. We then pioneered a way to work internally to prevent or limit involuntary terminations, and to make mergers and acquisitions blend the cultures of the combining organizations quickly, smoothly and successfully.
Helping our clients to hire the right person the first time, diffusing conflicts, enhancing individual, team, and organizational effectiveness became our mission:
To CCI, partnering with an organization means continuously improving our services and delivery methods. It means being boldly innovative and flexible enough to adjust quickly as our clients’ needs change.
In partnership with your company:
We will develop and implement a consultative process custom–designed
   for the needs of your specific corporate culture.
We will typically generate reductions in operating costs and increased net
profits as a by-product of our services.
We will co-design and assist in the implementation of people-based
   programs to produce the business result that senior management requires.
We will combine advanced technology in our consulting services with
   a knowledge and experience of business, a sensitivity to your culture and a
   commitment to your future business success.
We will skillfully blend critical components: the strong, pragmatic perspective
   of the executive, direct management experience in diverse industries,
   insightful facilitation techniques and professional coaching experience enabling
   your organization to go where you want it to go.



Dennis specializes in consulting with firms on organizational and individual effectiveness by focusing on strategy, structure, process, systems and culture.
His areas of expertise:

Executive Coaching
• Organization Design and Development
• Profiling
• Succession Planning
• Transition/Change Management

Dennis has over thirty years of business and consulting experience. He has worked at all levels of management to both assess organizational needs and to design and implement solutions.
Senior Birkman Method® Certified Consultant and Certified Organizational Culture Consultant, he pioneered a program in labor-management relations to facilitate win/win negotiating teams for both management and labor factions. He also holds the M&A Integration, Senior Executive Leadership and Organizational Transformation designation from the Birkman organization.
Dennis is past president of the Organization Design Forum, formerly the Association for the Management of Organization Design (AMOD).
Dennis earned his Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University.


Judy T. Orr, B.S., M.A., was born and brought up in western Massachusetts. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College in Boston, and taught kindergarten in the Wellesley, Mass. School District.

Upon moving to Colorado, Judy taught primary grades and earned a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from the University of Colorado at Denver.

She and her husband, Dennis, co-founded Orr Consulting Group, LLC (now Colorow Consulting, Inc.) in 1992, with offices on Lookout Mountain. Originally an Outplacement and Career Transition Services business, Judy has facilitated numerous workshops for displaced workers as well as counseling one on one with executives, managers and workers on strategic planning, techniques and methods for a successful job search. She is a certified Senior Consultant for the Birkman Method©, one of the most powerful assessments of its kind for determining both relational and occupational strengths and weaknesses.

Colorow Consulting has evolved to address internal problem solving people issues for organizations and is centered on individual and organizational effectiveness. Judy has been instrumental in designing and implementing developmental programs for business, industry and families.

Judy has over 15 years of business consulting, group and individual facilitation experience. Her areas of expertise are in consulting and counseling, as well as the design, facilitation and implementation of programs to meet needs of clients that include: team building, communication and listening skills, coaching and leadership development, conflict resolution, position assessment, and transition services.

Judy has designed and managed projects ranging from 10 to 1,800 participants. This included consulting with clients on expected outcomes; designing programs; preparing and presenting proposals; writing contracts; implementing programs; and included bookkeeping and administrative oversight.

Judy has been a member of the Rotary Club of Golden since 2002. Under her leadership as president for 2008-2009, the club received the Rotary District 5450 Vocational Service, Club Ethics, Club Membership, and Presidential Citation Awards.

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  CCI: A service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business

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