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If you have people in your organization—OCG CAN HELP!


VetPropulsion, the Propulsion courses designed specifically for Veterans.

This program addresses the challenge of the over 1,020,000 unemployed Veterans in the United States today, with more recently separated vets arriving daily!

Designed for Veterans by Veterans


Right Action. Right Outcomes

Accelerating Individuals Towards Career Readiness & Meaningful Employment

With over 30 years of experience in career counseling, coaching and placement, Colorow Consulting, Inc. has developed the pre-eminent Systems for finding the best career ever. The Propulsion programs are comprehensive 21st Century courses that guide each individual along a focused, structured path placing responsibility for success with each participant. They deal with real world objectives, expectations, and research and are designed as interactive discussions, building teamwork and camaraderie, and as individualized attention to each participant’s career and life aspirations.

Right Fit Faster
The Propulsion programs are designed to help the job seeker find the right career sooner, rather than bumping around from one meaningless job to another.

Beta test sites show an astonishing 70% entered-employment rate!

Participants share that the skills they learn in this program are actually life skills, skills they will use for a lifetime.

The Propulsion Systems are built from 3 dynamic programs:

  • The Career Transition Management System (
  • The Propulsion Career Search Manual
  • The Birkman Method Assessment

The Programs

VetPropulsion developed for Veterans by Veterans

Career Propulsion developed for the non-vet and for Families and Dependents of vets taking advantage of transferable GI Bill benefits for active duty personnel via Veterans’ Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP).

Train the Facilitator The Propulsion Training Programs® are designed for the experienced instructor who is dedicated to helping people grow, develop, and advance their career search life skills.

Community colleges are finding these programs to be a valuable part of their curriculum. Some others who find the Train the Facilitator/Trainer Program valuable are Workforce Centers, Workforce Investment Act, Veterans Administration programs, and many others.

Our Colorow Consulting Team Facilitators can come to your institution and teach these courses, or members of your organization may take the Train the Trainer Program, a 4-Day, 32-hour intensive course on your campus.

The Career Transition Management System© is key to the success of participants. It's structured, straightforward approach to Career Search/Transition has proven to be extremely effective and motivational.

When utilized as a “core” course for all incoming students/individuals the courses provide a solid foundation and track for each individual’s life journey. Enhanced by the Birkman Method® which provides scientific data with accurate probability of success for each student in a given “Job Family”, VetPropulsion courses utilize every proven technique, data and innovative instruction method for creating enthusiasm, motivation, and continued focus for a successful career search. The courses go beyond just getting the next “job.” They provide each student with the knowledge necessary in the selection of a solid career path for the present and into the future.

Propulsion courses provide the needed structure, system, and support!

Colorow Consulting, Inc. is an Organizational and Individual Effectiveness Consultancy. We are experts in delivering unique, customized services that enable organizations, individuals and families to achieve their optimum potential.

1) Help you achieve the mission of your business
2) Enhance your effectiveness as an individual
In each of these three areas, we consult with you, your organization or family to:
• Diagnose core issues
• Define success
• Determine pathways for goal achievement

We utilize our Critical Solutions Method, Primary Issues Inventory, and the Birkman Method®, the world’s most accurate assessment for individuals and organizations. These methods will assure an ongoing process of improvement by personally engaging you and each member in your organization or family to maximize both personal and group effectiveness.
Each organization and individual has a unique personality. From the moment we start working with you, we customize the design and delivery of our services to meet your distinct needs.

Find out more about each of our three main areas of service. Go to:

Organizational Services
Individual Services
Government Services


Colorow Publishing, Inc. is the publishing arm of Colorow Consulting. It prints and distributes the Career Transition Management System kit in versions for veterans and civilians. Contact Colorow Publishing by e-mail or at 303-526-2156.

    CCI: A service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business

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